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For a collection of short interesting astronomical articles, click: Astronomical Tidbits

The links below are to longer PowerPoints on various aspects of astronomy.

Download the files and open them in PowerPoint rather than viewing on-line so that they render properly.


Introduction to the Universe

Things that hit the Earth Part 1

Things that hit the Earth Part 2

What the Universe is made of

The Night Sky


The Solar System


History and Future of the Universe

The Sun

Lives of Stars

History of the Earth

The Moon


4 percent of the Universe

96 percent of the Universe

Sub-atomic Particles

Quantum Theory

Position in the Sky


The Big Bang

Inter-stellar Medium

History of Astronomy

Black Holes

Geology of the Earth

Exoplanets and Extra-terrestrial Life

Special Relativity

Gravity and General Relativity

                                                                                                            image of Eagle Nebula: pxfuel.com image of Darth Vader: flickr.com






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